What is a Carport?

What is a Carport?

A carport is a covered structure that provides minimal rain and snow protection for vehicles, particularly cars. The construction can stand alone or be affixed to a wall. A carport, unlike other constructions, does not have four walls and typically only has one or two. But depends on carport types and design by the carport contractor

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Carports provide less security than garages, but they do provide better ventilation. A carport, in particular, keeps the frost off the windshield.  A regular carport serves the same purpose as a “mobile” and/or “enclosed” carport. It is normally framed with tubular steel and may have a canvas or vinyl type covering that encloses the entire frame, including walls, and can be removed/relocated.

It may have an accessible front entrance or an open doorway that is not normally attached to any structure or secured in place by permanent measures such as stakes. It differs from a tent in that its primary function is to hold cars and/or motorized equipment (a tent is to shelter people).

The carport is derived from the French term porte-cochère, which refers to a covered portal. When renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright utilized a carport in the first of his “Usonian” home designs, the residence of Herbert Jacobs in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1936, he invented the word.

The W. B. Sloane House in Elmhurst, Illinois, is recognized as being the earliest known residence with a carport, built in 1910.

“A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn,” architect Wright told Mr. Jacob while discussing the carport. “Cars are now made adequately enough that they do not require costly shelter,” he continued. Prior to this time, automobiles were not totally watertight; the era of robotic assembly, superior materials, and flawless closure lines were yet 50 years away.

As a result, the carport was a low-cost and effective vehicle protection solution. “Our inexpensive second-hand car had stood out all winter at the curb, often in temperatures well below zero,” Mr. Jacobs continued (Fahrenheit). For it, a carport was a true luxury.

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